lead generation in seo

Amp Your Lead Generation In SEO for 2020 and Beyond

lead generation in seo

Lead Generation is still a topic of confusion for a lot of us. Then Lead Generation in SEO particularly makes it a little bit more confusing for beginners. So here’s a complete a guide about What is Lead Generation in SEO? It’ll be a comprehensive guide so here is a table of contents for you

1. Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a topic which has misconceptions, confusion and whatnot. The basic understanding of Lead Generation, in particular, is that it is related to getting a sale of service or product. It’s not completely correct and nor it is wrong. In general Lead Generation can be termed as initiation of user interest in a particular product or service. While here Product doesn’t necessarily mean a tangible product.

Lead doesn’t always means a sale of a product or service, it can be anything. Just like a simple click on the website can also be defined as a lead.

Lead Generation can also be explained as generating leads for a specific purpose. It can be for list building, e-notification list acquisition, getting clicks or visits for a particular website and of course for sales of service or a product. Lead Generation in SEO can be explained as generating leads with the help of SEO. It’s a bit difficult to explain it exactly in words but I hope you get a basic about this.

2. Lead Generation in Sales

lead generation in sales

So the one which is more talked about is Lead Generation for Sales. In particular, most of the people term Lead Generation for Sales only. For Sales, Lead Generation means getting leads for the SALE(someone buys a product). Also here it can be for a product as well as for service. It means to create a strategy to get users’ interest and then lead them to buy a product from you.

3. Lead Generation in Digital Marketing

Leads from digital marketing

It can be better explained as using Digital Marketing for Lead Generation. So that just comprises all types of Lead Generation with the help of Digital Marketing. It can be Lead Generation through LinkedIn, Lead Generation through Social Media, Instagram Lead Generation etc. It can be Lead Generation for Sale and also can be for other purposes as well. Lead Generation in SEO also comes in this.

Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate. (Source: HubSpot via Struto.co)

4. What else beside Leads for Sale

This section will most probably clear your doubt about the whole Lead Generation concept. Here are other possible Lead Generation intents beside just sale of a product or service. Talking about Lead Generation for websites, that include a bunch of actions that is a lead, for example:

  • Subscribing to your email list
  • Grabbing your lead magnet
  • Signing up for a webinar
  • Starting a free trial
  • A Visit to website

These all mean a Lead for a website owner as just landing of a user can be a lead. Also, as the intent changes, “Lead” also can be changed from just getting a visit to actually buy something or anything. It depends upon the intent of the website owner.

5. What is Lead Generation in SEO?

It basically refers to how SEO benefits and can help Lead Generation. So there are a couple of things related to SEO that benefits Lead Generation. Here are few:

  • While working on a particular keyword, your website ranks for the keyword.
  • Potential customers search for that keyword and end up on your website creating organic traffic.
  • If the content meets their needs, you can convert them into visitors to customers, depends upon you want to sell a product or just want traffic(visit).
Lead Generation Checklist

SEO serves as a gateway to bring a)traffic to your website and b)ultimately bringing potential customers. To get most out of it you need to optimize content to be quality content for search engines and as well as for the users.

SEO in Lead Generation just brings up more conversion rate if done properly as it is an inbound marketing strategy. That makes it more receptive than other Types of Lead Generation.

6. Awesome Lead Generation Statistics You Need to Know

Lead Generation is not a task to be taken lightly as it is the source for business. To get it done properly you must know about some of the amazing facts just to get you started on it.

  • A Great Headline can boost traffic as much as 500% to an article. (Source: Wired)
  • Brands engaging more on Social Media gets 190% more ROI. (Source: awario)
  • 42% Business believes email is still the most effective lead generation channel. (Source: Circle Research)
  • 61% of marketers say generating traffic and lead is their top challenge. (Source: HubSpot)
lead generation statistics

7. Lead Generation Strategy

So now you know that SEO is a must in Lead Generation and actually results really well. But now is how to get started with the strategy of Lead Generation. Here’s a brief list of step that you can follow to make your Lead Generation campaign successful:

Know your Target Audience

So it’s about finding the target audience which will be relevant to your product. Who is searching for you and can be a potential customer? It includes market research to find out for whom your product exactly is. For example, this blog is not for an Engineer searching for a code. It’s for a Digital Marketer or someone who is interested in knowing about Lead Generation in SEO. So you need to keep in mind the target audience and keep your content relevant to their needs and expectations.

Define your Leads

As mentioned earlier, Lead Generation doesn’t always mean to sell a product, it can be about getting a click or just getting a visit to a website. It depends upon you completely. For example, for an e-commerce website, a Lead is a potential customer whom to they will sell. For this particular website growuptoday.com our lead is just to get a visit to our website. I hope that clears a bit. So define your lead or what your actual goal is, then proceed further.

Identify Target Keywords

Identifying Target Keywords is also a crucial part of the complete strategy as going with a keyword for which a large number of website are already ranking is waste for time(if you are new). It is a misconception that trying to rank for a widely searched keyword can bring you at least some traffic. But if you are not ranking high on a particular keyword you won’t receive any traffic. The reason is simple,

Lead Strategy

Less than 25% of people go to second page result of Google Search result.

I hope that clears that rather than going with a widely used keyword you should consider keywords for which you can rank much better. So, find keywords for which you can target and actually rank better. Identify intent specific keywords for your particular field.


So monitor is basically looking out how your campaign or strategy is performing. What is not helping you out and what else you can do. Please do not that monitor is extremely important because not everything works for everyone. Each entity, the product requires a different kind of approach. So observe then implement and improvise that suite best to your content/product.

This strategy is a brief about the complete Lead Generation Strategy.


Q. What is Lead Generation in SEO?

Lead Generation in SEO means using SEO to get the Leads. Leads can be anything from a sale of a product or service to just a click or visit to a website or any specific action.

Q. How Lead Generation Works with SEO?

It’s about using SEO to get the website to a better ranking which automatically boosts the site’s visit and customer use and hence increasing the potential leads.

Q. What is Lead Generation in Sales?

Lead Generation in Sales means getting as much as possible number of Sale of a particular product or service.

Q. What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing?

It simply is using the Digital Marketing aspects to get maximum reach for the website and get potential customers which can be turned into leads.


I hope you got a basic idea of SEO in Lead Generation. It’s just using SEO to optimize content or website that ultimately will generate leads in terms of sale of a product/service and other intents.

Hope you like this. Make sure to watch out this space for more amazing Growth Hacking, Lead Generation, SEO, Instagram Marketing etc related blogs and hacks. Comment down whatever your querries are and follow us as well.

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